I don’t know about you, but I feel that topping the charts of exceptional Hollywood actors that are not as appreciated as they should be is actor, Dennis Quaid. Throughout his career on the big screen, he had been cast in many wonderful roles which he had also portrayed exceptionally. For these roles and his outstanding work, he would always be remembered for many generations to come. Funnily enough for all of his popularity, Dennis is a pretty laid back guy. He doesn’t really like being in the paparazzi’s spotlight. He prefers his company to that of other people. Nevertheless, his name has made it to the front page of many gossip rags over some of his struggles, and that has managed to cover up word of his exceptional work.

Dennis started out life as a Christian in Texas. He was the son of a real estate agent and an electrician. He was a devout Christian as a boy and was constantly found in the little Baptist church in his town every Sunday. Talking about his early life, he said,“I grew up in a Baptist church, went to Sunday school, and then I got baptized when I was nine and made the decision the same day as my brother. My brother and I, Randy, were both baptized on the same day.” 

Dennis grew up with a lot of talent despite his very small roots. When he finished high school, he got admitted into the University of Houston, Texas. His career as an actor started up at that University or out of it. His acting career actually started when he dropped out of college after he had finally come to accept that the route of academic excellence was not for him. He felt that if he did not dare to pursue his heart desire which was acting, he would never get over it all his life.

Several months after Dennis had finally gotten to Hollywood, he was still trying to get a role. However, the tide turned for him when he got cast in “Breaking Away.” Soon after getting a lot of praise for his role in “Breaking Away,” he got another role which was to act Gordon Cooper in “The Right Stuff.”

When things got to this point, it was then an easy incline up the ladder of success for Dennis. The name Dennis Quaid was becoming a common name in cinemas and homes because of his roles. Unfortunately, he was snared by the dark pit of Hollywood and soon succumbed to it. He began to use drugs, and it wasn’t long before he got addicted. In addition to that, he also developed anorexia. 

For quite a while he tried to gain back a foothold in the life of the man he used to be. He fought long and hard, and it paid. He dropped his addiction to drugs and added a much needed 40 pounds to his body. Although he wasn’t doing drugs again and he was back to looking good, he still hadn’t reached all his goals. The last one was his relationship with God, and so in the later years of his 20s, he began his journey to reconnect with God. He said, “The question I had as I went around the world was ‘Who is God?’ I became a seeker really… I read the Bible cover to cover. For me, it’s Jesus… it’s the red words of Jesus. How simple it is. There really is redemption, and that was the inspiration.”

While he was traveling and trying to rediscover himself via reading the Bible and studying the words of Jesus, he began to write a song for his mother which was titled “On My Way To Heaven.” For a long, while he kept trying to complete this song but he couldn’t. Somehow it felt as if something was stopping him from completing it. He thought it was because he hadn’t quite developed the relationship he wanted to have with God. Then he got cast into “I Can Only Imagine” as Arther. The movie was about a song that was written by the band, MercyMe, a song that was a turning point in the career of the band MercyMe.

That role gave him the last push he needed to write that song, and after 25 years, he finally completed it. Not only did he complete it, but he was also able to fully reconnect with God he loved as a little boy. You should listen to the song below.