With the rise of curvy ladies to the limelight of entertainment, there has been a growing admiration for thick and curvy ladies. This has resulted in a lot of women going under the knife to look curvy. This hasn’t always been the case as curvy and thick women were once seen as undesirable. This new development has sparked an increase in self-confidence for thick and curvy women all over the world.

In one case, a South African lady has been expressing her confidence and love for her body by refusing to hide her eye-popping curves. And by eye-popping, we are talking about the 60-inch behind. 

Another African lady who goes by the name Eudoxie Yao, from Cote d’Ivoire, has consistently claimed that her equally 60-inch backside is all natural. She went on to reiterate that her curvy behind is as a result of genes, saying that this is something that is common in the family and that hers isn’t even the biggest!

Hers make not win a butt size context in her family, but she definitely is winning attention at the moment. According to the Sun UK, she has embraced her unique body shape and has even gone further to fully express her curves. She does this by wearing tightly fitted clothes. 

When asked about her choice to wear tightly fitted clothes by the Sun UK, she says “When I buy clothes, I don’t like clothes that are too big. I like smaller clothes. I like tight fitting clothes; if they’re not, I’ll snip them. People with a figure like mine don’t tend to wear tight-fitting clothes. They prefer to wear clothes that hide their shape. I don’t do that. I like to show off my shape, and that can shock them”.

When it comes dieting, she says that she isn’t worried about that although she receives criticism from social media on a daily basis. For her, she is happy with her life at the moment and thus wouldn’t allow the opinions of trolls to affect her decisions in life.

Currently, she has a growing influence on Instagram and similar social media sites. She hosts television shows, she models and is very active in the entertainment scene. 

As for the dieting issue, this is what she has to say “I’m not on any diet. I eat whatever I want. I have tried to slim down on my arms, but other than that, it’s all natural. People have mocked me for my physique. I’ve put on weight, and I accept it,”

Despite her claims of her body shape being a result of genetics, critics have insisted that she had plastic surgery. But she seems to be unfazed by their comments as she remains adamant about her claim of being natural.

She says “I’ve never had cosmetic surgery. Never, never, never in my life. I’ve always been like this. My elders have bigger bums than me. It’s always been natural”.

When asked about her adjustment to the crazy amount of attention she is garnering, she says that when she is in public, she does get heads to turn. She also says that no one has had the courage to walk up to her to say anything though. 

She says she is getting used to it and is very comfortable with her body. Although she also talked about this not always being the norm. In fact, when she just got into social media trolls would mock her so much that she would cry over it.

Here is a personal account of the story of Yao to the Sun UK. “There have never been times when I haven’t felt attractive. When I began showing myself off on social media the negative comments used to really hurt me at the start. Often I’d read them and cry over them. Not in front of people, but I cried.”

But with time she has come to understand that those who take out time and energy to talk bad about people they don’t personally know are just bitter and resentful people who are unhappy with their lives. And so she has since then tuned their mindless comments off. She has so much good going on in her life that she isn’t bothered by what strangers think about her and her activities.

When the Daily Mail UK interviewed her, she said “No one is going to tell me how to dress, how I should be. I love my curves! I can say now I love my shape!”

Right now Yao posts hot pictures of herself in lingerie and swimsuits.

When it comes to dating, she has said that it has been surprisingly a haunting venture. Although she has thousands on social media, who have expressed their lust for her very few men have enough courage to walk up to her and ask her out. She feels that this is a result of inferiority complex. Most men are intimidated by her appearance and therefore give up on ever getting her without even trying. She goes on to say that that has been a blessing to her since it has acted as a natural filter to remove men who have serious insecurities out of her life. 

Talking about it this is what she says “There are lots of men that are intimidated by me. There are others that dream about seeing me. And when they see me, they can’t hide their joy! I attract all types of men.”

When asked about her future plans, she says that she is happy where she is and would continue to do what she is doing. For her loving yourself is and should be far from being a crime. This should serve as an inspiration for anyone who is trying to build their self-esteem.

You can’t let the opinions of those who don’t know you to become part of your psyche. You have to tune the world out to be yourself. To make an impact in the world, you have to do so being yourself, that is the only way you do something unique, authentic and long-lasting. 

Yao explains to the Daily Mail UK how she does the above. “They say I dress too ‘sexy’. They say, with my figure, I dress in a vulgar way. And my shape should be completely covered. I tell them no. You can be like me and sexy. You can be big, as I am, and wear tight-fitting clothes. And be at ease in your skin”.