See, if you were such a trouble kid as I was if so you would be very familiar with some of the drinks that are mentioned below. These were our companions as we lay wasted with our friends at parties or similar get-togethers. What drink did you like most amongst the drinks mentioned below? Is it the Bud Dry or the Zima?

For most kids back then who couldn’t afford these kinds of drinks, they would often take cheaper and more bitter spirits. All in the aim of getting as wasted as possible.

You can read for yourself to see how many drinks you can recognize and see if you can have some nostalgia over the moments you had while taking them. 


The Zima was one of those alcoholic drinks that were easy to access. We would take them when our parents weren’t looking hoping that they wouldn’t notice that the bottles were disappearing faster than they were drinking it.

2. Bud Dry

The Bud Dry was the dad’s drink. We would pretend that we wanted to spend time with our dads and when it is all said and done, we would take one of those glasses with us.

3. Bud Ice

The Bud Ice was a great drink to have as when had a get together with our friends. We would drink till we were wasted and all this time, the TV would play in the background.

4. After Shock

This was the drink to have before you smoothly transit to the fireball. The syrupy and cinnamon flavored drink.

5. Flavored Jack Daniels

The flavored Jack Daniels was one of those drinks that every delinquent kid wanted to have. We would try to convince some adults to get us one at the store. Needless to say that the adult in question wasn’t our parent or anyone who knew them.

6. Alize

The Alize was definitely one of the most popular of the alcoholic beverages that delinquent kids of the 90’s took. Back then it was a drink that was made famous by rap star Tupac Shakur.

7. Red Dog

Ahaa… The Red Dog was the drink for those parties we held when our parents were out of town. Man, those parties were a blast! We had so much fun from the night to the next day. By morning everyone would wake up to a good hangover.

8. Ice House

The ice house was the poor man’s drink. But at that time, we didn’t care. The drink was okay if we could get a little light and high. Back then, if it was fun, then we did it. God, we miss those days.

9. St. Ide’s

The St Ide’s drink was another drink that kids loved back then. It wasn’t strange for us to find some older kid who was willing to help us get it.

10. Old English “800”

The Old English ”800″ was one hell of a nasty booze. We would get it only because it was very cheap. I mean, we could afford to get these kinds of drinks every day, and so we took it. At least it did its job. For us, if that drink could get us high, then we were in for it. Thinking back now, we were just desperate to get whatever we could get. And so we had no problem taking the low hanging fruits of the alcoholic beverages.

11. Crazy Horse

The Crazy Horse was a drink that could get you all jacked up after taking it. Little wonder that the drink itself was named after a Native American war hero.

What drinks were your favorites and what memories did you have while taking these drinks with your friends. Leave your comments below.