Are you one of those people who did not have a really sweet childhood? Was your childhood tough? When people talk about childhood, they refer to it as a lovely time in the life of a person when everything is pure, and life is full of freedom. Children spend that time buried in the love of their parents who are totally enamored of them. They spend that period also building up wonderful memories with their family. But this ideal picture of a typical childhood was not obtainable for some people who from a young age were forced to go through a lot of stressful experiences.

Even though we would prefer not to think deeply about the negative effects that occurrences such as abuse of any form, terminal illnesses, divorce and constant moves can have on the life of a child, these occurrences can destroy what should have been a wonderful and happy period in a person’s life. Although you cannot change the things that have happened in the past, most children are very resilient, and they soon bounce back and eventually turn out to be good adults.

The tender years of a child are considered to be the most constructive part of a person’s life and in no way can a child benefit from drawing the short end of the stick. Even though we are overwhelmed with the need to protect our children from bad experiences, it is imperative that we realize that children as most people are very resilient and have the ability to take from a tragedy an important lesson.

It is truly difficult and perhaps impossible to fully explain what going through a tough childhood encompasses. However, those children who went through this fire come out with souvenirs, certain strengths that would help them in life. 

1. They are grateful for what they have and where they are.

Most times we spend all of our lives chasing after the pot at the end of the rainbow. We are always seeking the next best thing. All of our time is spent looking for that one thing, that one achievement that would grant us the happiness we crave. Even though we already know that happiness is gotten from the little things in life like a beautifully scented flower, we still strive for the next high. It’s not the same for kids who had tough childhoods. They appreciate what they have and where they are in life because they know that it could be a lot worse.

2. They can withstand adversity

This is another thing that they have in large quantity, the ability to stand firm even in the face of strong adversities. They can easily bounce back from tragedies and learn to make use of what is available. No matter what type of situation they find themselves in, they can easily adapt and recover from its side effects. It is very hard for them to be knocked down by tragic circumstances because they have been conditioned to be resilient.

3. They have the ability to make better parents.

The foundation of a less than ideal childhood is terrible parenting. Bad parenting usually causes a bridge in a child’s normal development. Some kids grew up without a parent who paid attention to them or took care of them. When these kids finally grow up to marriageable age and begin to think about starting their own family, they are more determined to make sure that their children would not go through the hell that they went through and this makes them better parents. 

4. They develop sharper instincts

Children who had a rough childhood develop certain survival instincts that help them avoid the dangers that they grow up with. Most of them are able to quickly access a person and know what their character would be like. Some of them are very attentive to little things and can ascertain the pervading mood of a certain place. All of these instincts were honed when they were children trying hard to survive.

5. They learn to let bygones be bygones.

From a young age, they have been in the position to forgive people over and over for not treating them right or not being there for them, so forgiveness is not such a big problem for them. They learn to see the best part of everyone. This does not in any way mean that they let people constantly hurt them. They don’t. They have just learned that no human is infallible and that people make mistakes which should not be used to judge and condemn them.

6. They have inbred communication skills

These children learn early on in life that the manner of approach is important. They learn to read a situation and respond accordingly. Most of them have had to stand up to quarreling parents, mean aunts, and bullies. They have learned that the way they address people would determine the way they would be treated. If you need a good mediator, they would be a perfect choice.

7. Most of them are very creative

One of the things that people do when going through adversity is to look for a way to run away from the stuff they are going through. Most times these kids end up turning to things like music, writing, drawing or painting and before long they have mastered a skill. They tend to also develop a healthy dose of focus for their work, and this makes for improvement. 

8. They have a great capacity for care and love.

Most of them are very compassionate people because they have passed through a lot of tough situations and as a result of that they know how it feels to be in that position. Because of this, they tend to help people out a lot as they try to make sure that other people don’t go through what they have gone through. You would usually find them volunteering in hospitals and shelters. Those who don’t have the time to attend events financially contribute to charities that are doing a good job of helping these kids. In this way, they are able to turn their sad childhoods into a weapon to fight for other children going through a tough childhood.