Bathing is a common activity in the daily routine of most people. And that isn’t exactly puzzling as a bath keeps your skin clean and gives your body a cool sensation.

But as much as you may be taking your bath in the once or twice a day, you could be doing it in such a way that is detrimental to your health and well-being. And that my friend is what we will be looking into in detail below. You should bare all 5 of this things in mind while taking your bath. 

1. Never wax or shave before the shower

This leaves your skin pores bigger than they usually should be and when you bath after such an activity your skin usually becomes dry and flakey. You can do that after you take your bath.

2. Don’t shower instantly after a workout

You know that a good workout is followed up with a good bath. It removes the discomfort and clammy feeling you get when you delay a post-workout shower. But then jumping into the shower after an exercise or similar activity increases your chances of catching a cold. This is because your body is heated up due to the workout you just had and then has its temperature fall drastically due to the post-workout shower. That drop in temperature leaves your body vulnerable to cold or a cough. 

3. Don’t use a towel for too long

This is common in women; they love to have a towel head wrap after a bath which they wear for a substantial amount of time before it is removed.

Now the issue with this type of practice is that you end up causing a dry scalp which could also lead to hair loss. So we have to be careful here.

4. Apply a moisturizer immediately after a shower

Not applying moisturizer immediately after your bath could lead to dry skin which tends to crack. These cracks leave the skin vulnerable to bacteria attacks that could lead to infections. 

5. Avoid scrubbing too much

This may look strange simply because most people have the notion that the harder one scrubs, the cleaner their skin becomes. But that isn’t really true.

Scrubbing your skin hard does more harm than good. You could end up leaving small abrasions on your skin which could serve as openings for unwanted bacteria to get into your body. Cleaning your body requires a mild scrub, and that is sufficient to keep your skin clean.